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Determined2Heal helps simplify the transition into life with paralysis. We provide information and advice for people with spinal cord injuries, their families and friends, as well as rehabilitative adventures. Get started in the Steps to Recovery Section.

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News and Announcements

Overview of Spinal Cord Injury Research for 2016

Would you like a very thorough rundown of every viable therapy and research program currently underway for those with chronic SCI? The endParalysis foundation has put out the latest details for all research happening in 2016, and it’s impressive. Read the list

Disability Tax Deductions 2016

For those in the US, have you filed your taxes yet? There are several important tax deductions to know if you have a SCI! Please check out the most important deductions on our blog on our sister site SPINALpedia here.

Another Big Breakthrough for Stem Cell Therapies

Researchers at the University of New South Wales have created a new repair system similar to the method used by salamanders to regenerate limbs, which *could* be used to repair everything from SCI to bone fractures, and could transform current treatment approaches to regenerative medicine. They say this could be available in a few years. Read more

Important Section of the Spinal Cord Regenerated in Rats

Researchers at the University of California San Diego School of Medicine have reported that they’ve successfully directed stem cell-derived neurons to regenerate lost tissue in damaged corticospinal tracts of rats (the corticospinal projection is the most important motor system in humans; it links the brain and the spinal cord, and is involved in control of motor functions of the body). Read more  


StemCells Inc. Seeking Quadriplegics for Stem Cell Study

Do you have a cervical injury than is less than 2 years old? The Pathway Study, sponsored by StemCells Inc, is seeking research applicants for their latest stem cell transplant study. Trials will be held in the following cities: Houston, Miami, Salt Lake City, Minneapolis, Milwaukee, Chicago, Ann Arbor, Pittsburgh, Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York, Palo Alto and Downey, CA. Read more

Quadriplegic Becomes Engineer, Vital to new MNDot Bridge

Injured in 1998 while falling asleep behind the wheel, Chad Hanson went on to receive his engineering degree and is now a bridge engineer/Project Manager for MNDot in Minnesota. He is also married (he and his PCA fell in love) and they have a 6 year old daughter. A great story about a very good life post-injury! Read more

Invivo Therapeutics jumps as third patient responds to spinal cord treatment

3 out of 5 patients currently enrolled in InVivo Therapeutics stem cell scaffold SCI trials are improving, going from a complete ASIA A injury to an incomplete ASIA B injury, and this latest news has sent it’s stock soaring! Read more

Most Affortable Walking Exoskeleton To-Date Debuts

A new startup company called suitX has created the cheapest and lightest exoskeleton to date – the Phoenix. Weighing only 27lbs and costing $40k, which is half the price of other exoskeletons, this advanced technology is aiming to make walking technology available to anyone interested. Read more

Study Identifies Specific Gene Network That Promotes Nervous System Repair

hhhA UCLA-led collaboration has identified a specific network of genes and a pattern of gene expression mice that promote repair in the peripheral nervous system in a mouse model. T – See more at: http://www.spinalcordinjuryzone.com/news/16190/study-identifies-specific-gene-network-promotes-nervous-system-repair?fb_ref=Default#sthash.XwT7VF35.dpufpppp

A UCLA-led collaboration has identified a specific network of genes and a pattern of gene expression mice that promote repair in the peripheral nervous system in a mouse model. Read more

A UCLA-led collaboration has identified a specific network of genes and a pattern of gene expression mice that promote repair in the peripheral nervous system in a mouse model. T – See more at: http://www.spinalcordinjuryzone.com/news/16190/study-identifies-specific-gene-network-promotes-nervous-system-repair?fb_ref=Default#sthash.XwT7VF35.dpuf

Spinal Cord Stimulation Returns Partial Sexual Function

For the handful of men with spinal cord injuries who took part in the epidural stimulation project at UCLA’s NeuroRecovery Technologies, most have seen improved sexual function in both sensation and erection-ability. This is awesome news for men with SCI! Read more

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