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Determined2Heal helps simplify the transition into life with paralysis. We provide information and advice for people with spinal cord injuries, their families and friends, as well as rehabilitative adventures to show people with paralysis anything is still possible. Get started in the Steps to Recovery Section or explore any of the sections above.

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News and Announcements

Spinal injections of stem cells restore sensation in some paraplegics

A recent stem cell study done in Canada (at Neural Repair and Regeneration at the University Health Network) and in Switzerland has released some promising results. Only a return of sensation occurred, but the 7 of the 12 paraplegics in their study (all received 20 million neural stem cell injections) saw “significant improvement in sensation.” Read more

HARMONY – Upper Body Exoskeleton Developed at UT-Austin

Now this is sorely needed – an upper-body exoskeleton for quadriplegics! Check out HARMONY, a first-of-its-kind, two-armed, robotic rehabilitation exoskeleton created by students at the Cockrell School of Engineering at The University of Texas at Austin. Learn more

Robotic Glove Helps Quadriplegic Veterans Recover

We love seeing technology advances like this. What a fantastic powered glove. Our founder Josh provided early feedback on its initial design back in 2007, and the glove has come a long way! Read more

“e-Dura” Spinal Cord Implant Cause for Hope

French researchers have created a product that holds promise – a prosthetic spinal cord to bridge damaged areas. Called e-Dura and made of silicon and gold flecks to transmit signals, it has been proven to work in a control study of rats. The rats who received the implant were able to feel/move below their levels of injury, and it didn’t damage the healthy part of the spinal cord. Read more

Determined2Heal’s “Soaring to New Heights” Video

Trigger Mechanism for Recovery After Spinal Cord Injury Revealed

Doctors have think they’ve figured out why some incomplete injuries (those with spinal cords not completely severed) regain function, while others do not. Hopefully this can help researchers find enhanced treatments for spinal cord injuries. Read more

New Drug Creates Nerve Growth

A drug that could eventually help paralyzed people regain muscle movement – and possibly even walk again – has been discovered by scientists at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, in Cleveland, Ohio. 26 out of the 21 rats injected regained the ability to walk. Read more


SPINALpedia.com Mouth Artist Meets Pierce Brosnan

Mariam Paré, a C5 quadriplegic and mouth artist from Chicago, who also created our awesome SPINALpedia.com cover photo for our Facebook page (look), met Mr. Remington Steele himself, Pierce Brosnan. Pierce was alerted to a painting she made of him on social media and invited her to his home in Malibu so they could meet. Read more

SPINALpedia’s 2014 Halloween Wheelchair Costume contest

This year we debuted our 1st annual Halloween Wheelchair Costume contest, and it was a hit! We had hundreds of online votes and there were 3 lucky winners. Check them out below.


Spinal Cord Regenerated at UC – San Diego

Exciting news from the University of California at San Diego this past week – scientists were able to fully regenerate the damaged spinal cord of a rat. Unprecedented, scientists hope this could one day be applied to humans. Read more


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