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Determined2Heal helps simplify the transition into life with paralysis. We provide information and advice for people with spinal cord injuries, their families and friends, as well as rehabilitative adventures to show people with paralysis anything is still possible. Get started in the Steps to Recovery Section or explore any of the sections above.

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News and Announcements

Meet David Holmes – Harry Potter’s Stunt Double, Paralyzed While Filming

Did you know Harry Potter’s stunt double David Holmes became a quadriplegic while practicing a flying scene for the final movie in the series – The Deathly Hallows? Now 30, he’s started his own production company with two other quads called Ripple Productions. Read more ‪#‎SCItrivia‬ ‪#‎LifeAfterSCI‬

W2W 2015: We Came, We Saw, We Left with Hope

Founder of Determined2heal Josh Basile giving the keynote speech at W2W 2015. Photo courtesy of U2FP.org

For the last 10 years, one amazing event has been happening on a yearly basis: The Working 2 Walk (W2W) Symposium – a 2-day event sponsored by the United2Fight Paralysis Association. And Spinalpedia was there. We met so many people with paralysis and researchers. Read our official blog post on W2W 2015 here


W2W brings together some of the most passionate SCI research advocates and researchers under one roof and this year it occurred at the North Marriott Hotel in Bethesda, Maryland. presented. And this year was it’s 10th anniversary. Ten years ago the very first W2W Rally was attended by the late Dana Reeve and then Sen. Hillary Clinton. Watch a video commemorating the event through the years


And this year SPINALpedia was one of the sponsors of W2W. Our founder Josh Basile, a quadriplegic and spinal cord injury research advocate, was the keynote speaker on Sunday. His speech “Advocating with Your Body and Mind” was on the importance of keeping our bodies healthy so they’re ready for possible therapies. Watch his speech


Today more than ever before there’s reason than to believe treatments that will one day help improve chronic spinal cord injuries will happen in our lifetimes. This year several doctors and researchers gave presentations on their studies and on-going trials. You can read the official W2W blog with in-depth explanations of each presentation given here.


Completely Paralyzed Man Walks Using Brain Electrodes

Exciting research news from the University of California, Irvine. For the very first time, researchers have been able to get a man with a complete injury (paraplegic) to walk again using electrodes reading his brain signals. An amazing breakthrough to be sure, and we here at Determined2Heal are very excited at the future of this technology. Read more

Help Stop Extreme Changes to Equipment Repairs

Help ensure repairs to complex medical equipment stays the same! Sign the new H.R. 3229 bill below to fix a sneaky change to the law certain penny-saving lawmakers tried to put into the Medicare/Medicaid changes that go into effect at the start of every year. Sign the bill and share today here

“Visions of a Female Paraplegic”

A beautiful photo-montage by artist Giselle Noelle Morgan inspired by her friend Taylor, who was paralyzed when the two were in high school, was published by The Huffington Post last week, and thousands have been inspired by their artistry. View the photos

Blind Paraplegic Mark Pollock Tests Out Exoskeleton

Mark Pollock, a man who went blind in 1998 and then became a paraplegic (after he was injured in a fall in 2010), recently tested out a walking exoskeleton made by Esko Bionics. Read more

The Air Carriers Access Act And You

Ever wondered why planes aren’t fully wheelchair accessible? Learn more about The Air Carriers Access Act and how it influences the ADA, and vice versa, here

Recent SCI Moms Needed for Study

The UAB School of Medicine is seeking mothers with a spinal cord injury who’ve had a baby in the last 3 years to participate in a groundbreaking study! Participants will receive up to $200. If interested, read more

BBC Profiles the Lives of People Living with SCI in Ghana

Francis, from Ghana, was injured 15 years ago and was confined in his home the entire time because he had no one to help him leave, and with profound sadness we report he recently passed. But before he died, his story was shared with the world thanks to the BBC and paraplegic reporter Sophie Morgan, who traveled to Ghana to profile the harsh lives of people with disabilities here. Read more

New Research Opportunity for Recent Neck Injuries

Rush University Medical Center in Chicago has announced it’s looking for subjects for it’s latest SCI research trial – those with recent cervical injuries (no less than 30 days post-injury). The trial involves testing three escalating doses of AST-OPC1 (embryonic stem cells) in patients with subacute, C5-C7, neurologically-complete cervical spinal cord injuries. Read more

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