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Determined2Heal helps simplify the transition into life with paralysis. We provide information and advice for people with spinal cord injuries, their families and friends, as well as rehabilitative adventures to show people with paralysis anything is still possible. Get started in the Steps to Recovery Section or explore any of the sections above.

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News and Announcements

U.S. Spinal Cord Injury Patient Documenting His Stem Cell Plus Epidural Stimulation Treatment

Jack Pearce, a C6-7 quad since 2013, is receiving a new procedure offered in Thailand combining an epidural stimulator + stem cell therapy. Should be interesting to see how he fares! Read more on his Gofundme page. and read more from PR Newswire

Experience: “I was paralyzed by a rugby ball”

Kate Hilpern was injured by a rugby ball thrown to her head by her child; a total fluke accident. She recently shared her journey with The Guardian. What are some of the weirder ways you’ve heard about someone sustaining a spinal cord injury? Read her story

ReWalk Releases Home System of Exoskeleton

ReWalk, the only FDA-approved exoskeleton in the US, has released a more streamlined version of their design dubbed ReWalk Personal 6.0, making it ideal for home-use (with no bulky backpack), the crutches however still must be used. Now to afford the $69,500 price tag. Read more


Spinal cord injury center offers patients real hope

Kennedy Krieger Institute’s ICSCI (International Center for Spinal Cord Injury) offers hope to thousands every year. This video shares Marshall Garber’s story. He was injured at 15 after a spinal tumor, but now because of restorative therapy he can walk short distances with a walker. And a special Happy Birthday shout-out to Dr. Cristina Sadowsky, the Clinical Director of the ICSCI! Watch the video

Nike to Release “Flyease” July 16th; made for athletes with disabilities

Inspired by athlete with a disability, Matthew Walzer, who wrote Nike a request for a better shoe, Nike is releasing it’s first ever pair of shoes designed specifically for people with disabilities called the Zoom Soldier 8 Flyease. These innovative kicks have a thicker foam sole and easy behind-the-ankle Velcro straps to make them easy to get on and off. They will be available on Nike.com beginning July 16th for a limited time. Read more

Stunning Accessible Treehouses

Custom, livable treehouses are all the rage right now. The Treehouse Guys, from Warden, Vermont, have been making gorgeous fully-accessible treehouses for years, creating them for private camps, public parks and now private backyard projects. You won’t find any treehouses as beautiful and accessible as these ones. Read more

3rd spinal cord injury patient with InVivo’s Neuro-Spinal Scaffold improving

The ongoing research InVivo has been doing – bridging new nerve growth in injury sites using stem cells and “scaffolding” – is producing some exciting results. The third patient who underwent the procedure has improved from a complete AIS A spinal cord injury to an incomplete AIS B spinal cord injury, and this was within a month after the procedure. Read more

Rare and Amazing – Quadriplegic Gives Birth to Twins Naturally

Sandra Burton is only one of a handful of female quadriplegics in the world to give birth to twins naturally. Hailing from Canada, her story was beautifully profiled by the Spinal Cord Injury Zone recently and is definitely worth reading. Read more

Researchers discovers ways to regenerate corticospinal tract axons

Researchers in Hong Kong have stimulated new nerve regrowth in the corticospinal tract of a chronically damaged spinal cord (the hardest area to regenerate axons) by deleting the PTEN gene from the DNA structure of a mouse (this made the axons grow). The red in the pic shows nerve regrowth on a mouse spinal cord 1 year post-injury. Read more

Types of Injury, Explained

Here is a thorough in-depth model showing how the spinal cord works region-by-region. We love SCI diagrams like this! Read more

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