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Determined2Heal helps simplify the transition into life with paralysis. We provide information and advice for people with spinal cord injuries, their families and friends, as well as rehabilitative adventures. Get started in the Steps to Recovery Section.

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News and Announcements

SCI Clinical Trials Update from the Reeve Foundation

An overview of the latest in SCI research-related clinical trials was just published by the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation. Several updates on trials you’re likely following were given, including the latest on the vagus nerve stimulation to reduce autonomic dysreflexia, a study using the drug Riluzole (a neuroprotective drug) to limit the damage in the area of injury and using high doses of ibuprofen  in acute injuries to inhibit Rho, a key pathway for several molecules that limit nerve regeneration. Read more

Happy 2017! Watch Will Reeve Share SCI Research News

Will Reeve addressed a packed room during a presentation at the SALT conference in which he highlighted the unprecedented momentum occurring in spinal cord research and how we are moving closer to his dad’s dream, a world of empty wheelchairs. Take a look at this exclusive video here

We Will Be at the Abilities Expo Dec. 2-4 in DC!

Are you a fan of the Abilities Expo? If so and you’re planning on going to it’s Washington D.C. stop December 2-4th, please stop by and see us! Determined2heal/SPINALpedia will have a booth at the event and are looking forward to sharing what we do with all of you! Register for free to attend the Abilities Expo in the DC Metro here

Paralyzed Monkeys Walk Again Using Brain Chips, Wi-Fi

BREAKING NEWS — For the first time researchers have successfully used a WIRELESS brain-controlled spinal stimulation system to restore leg movement in two paralyzed primates (Macaques monkeys). 

THIS IS HOW IT WORKS — a wireless neurosensor sends signals gathered by a pill size implanted brain chip to a computer that decodes them and sends the signals wirelessly back to an electrical spinal stimulator implanted in the lumbar spine to communicate with spinal nerves controlling locomotion. Read more

SPINALpedia Executive Director Honored for SCI Research Awareness Work

Paralyzed for 23 years, read about our executive director Tiffiny Carlson’s recent honor from the Morton Cure Paralysis Fund for her work highlighting SCI research in journalistic form. Read more

W2W Symposium 2016 – Epidural Stimulation Is Where It’s At

Last weekend was the annual U2FP/Working2Walk Symposium, a SCI research conference, and exciting presentations on epidural stimulation were the name of the game! Read up on the two most memorable presentations from the event – Dr. Kendall Lee from the Mayo Clinic and Dr. Nick Terrafranca from NeuroRecovery Technologies. Read more

John Martin at CUNY Receives $4.27 Million Grant for Hand Function Restoration

Congrats to Professor John Martin at the CUNY School of Medicine for receiving a $4.27 million grant to further his research aimed at helping restore hand function in people with SCI. His research uses brain and spinal cord stimulation to promote the regeneration of residual nerve circuits to hand muscles. Read more

SPINALpedia Brings Six Paralyzed People to iFLY Loudoun

Last night, Determined2Heal and SPINALpedia attended iFLY Loudoun’s indoor skydiving All Abilities Night. We invited a total of four quadriplegics and two paraplegics. Our story was covered by the local CBS news. Click here to watch the segment.  

If you’re looking for a fun excuse to get out of your wheelchair, then indoor skydiving is a must try adventure. iFLY has 37 locations around the world in the US, Canada, Europe and Asia! To find an iFLY location near you click here.

$5 Million Granted to Spinal Cord Injury Robotics Research Project

Now this is awesome. A research project at Columbia Engineering just received a $5 million dollar grant to further study tethered pelvic assist device (TPAD) and epidural stimulation for recovery of standing in spinal cord injured patients. We wish them luck! Read more

Breakthrough Spinal Tap May Prevent paralysis

A brand new method of swelling prevention may lead to less severe spinal cord injuries in those with new injuries (via the Daily Mail). Read more

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