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Determined2Heal helps simplify the transition into life with paralysis. We provide information and advice for people with spinal cord injuries, their families and friends, as well as rehabilitative adventures. Get started in the Steps to Recovery Section.

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News and Announcements

The Impossible Dream Star of New Documentary

Determined2heal is a huge fan of the Impossible Dream, the world’s largest accessible catamaran. She has taken many people with disabilities on life-changing rides, including several groups from our own organization. Now this impressive boat finally gets the star-treatment in a 19 minute documentary, and it’s amazing crew of all abilities is interviewed, including Brandon, a paraplegic and 2nd Mate on the ship. Watch here

Power Wheelchair-User Scales Machu Picchu

We love Cindy Otis’ spirit! Machu Picchu is possibly one of the hardest places to get to in the world, and she recently scaled a mountain to reach this historic landmark with some fantastic help. Read exactly how she did it here #accessibletravel#machupicchu

A Bicycle Truly Built for Two

We love this cute couple from the UK! “The Daisy Bell is our bicycle built for two. It’s essentially a bicycle powered wheelchair. I can’t walk at all so this is a great solution – the wheelchair detaches so we can call into cafes, pubs of course and get through narrow spaces. Follow them on Instagram here: Cycle in Company

Determined2Heal Takes 18 Paralyzed People Indoor Skydiving

Last night, Spinalpedia sponsored 18 quadriplegics and paraplegics to experience iFly indoor skydiving for the first time! Check out ABC’s well-done story covering the event here. If you know anyone who is paralyzed that would like to experience indoor skydiving, have them email us at determined2heal@gmail.com. 

PS. A special shot out to iFLY and their incredible team of instructors!

Aqua Race Kart a Fun New Adapted Water Option

With Summer around the corner, we wanted to share this fun option for wheelchair-users – Aqua Race Kart. While you can’t bring your wheelchair along (it must be left dockside), this sturdy waverunner-esque contraption can be outfitted with hand-controls. “With a Formula One-inspired steering wheel and a traditional gas pedal, the Aqua Race Kart simulates the racing experience with the freedom of open water.” Learn more

Making a Home Accessible

A great overview of every area of the home that needs to be looked at when making a home accessible, from KDS Smartchair. Read more

Excitement Surrounds BioArctic’s Neuro-Scaffold Study

Neuro-scaffolds have long been looked at as the possible key to fixing damaged spinal cords, and it looks like they’re finally going to stretch their wings in a human trial by BioArctic (a Swedish company) that is currently being conducted in Estonia. Looks promising! This human trial will use a biodegradable neuro-scaffold and it will have two important components. 1) Grafts containing millions of peripheral nerves and 2) FGF1, a growth factor involved in neural regeneration and healing. Read more

Texas Man Debuts suitX Exoskeleton at SXSW

Wes Campbell, a paraplegic from Dallas, Texas (he was injured in a motorcycle accident in 2010) recently had the chance to debut suitX, a walking exoskeleton made by US Bionics at the South by Southwest Festival in Austin, Texas earlier this month. Watch him walk in this awesome piece of technology here.

2018 PyeongChang Paralympics Preview

Do you know the 6 official Winter Paralympic sports? We’ve put together a description of each sport, including input from past Winter Paralympians. Which sports are you most excited to watch this year? The PyeongChang Winter Paralympics begins this Friday, and don’t forget, NBC, NBC Sports and the Olympics Channel plan on airing 94 hours of the games, with 125+ more hours available in streaming. Read more

SCI Superstar: Wesley Hamilton

Meet our newest SCI Superstar Wesley Hamilton. After paralyzed in gun violence 6 years ago, this Kansas City, MO native and single father went on to found The Disabled but Not Really Foundation to help people with paralysis get fit & eat healthy after their injury. He lost 100lbs post-injury himself! Wesley also was featured in EBONY Magazine this month! Read all about this rising positivity guru here.

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