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Determined2Heal helps simplify the transition into life with paralysis. We provide information and advice for people with spinal cord injuries, their families and friends, as well as rehabilitative adventures. Get started in the Steps to Recovery Section.

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News and Announcements

FES Bikes Are Coming to YMCAs

For many people living with a SCI, they want to do FES regularly, but there are no facilities near them where they can do it. We are excited to see the YMCA launching a FES program at select YMCAs across the country. Read more

What Adventures We Had in 2017

With 2018 almost here, we’re looking back at all of the adventures we had! Head-controlled paintball was a new sport our founder Josh was able to try. Determined2heal brought dozens of people with paralysis on a number of life-changing adventures in 2017 including adaptive sailing, diving, hang-gliding, surfing, skiing, and indoor skydiving. Here is what Josh had to say about paintball: 

“Felt like a ‘terminator’ machine from the future! I operated my wheelchair joystick with my right hand and would shoot paintballs by moving my head backwards thanks to a string attached to my mask and the trigger of the paintball gun.”

Please consider giving to our 2017 Crowdrise Holiday Fundraiser if you can! We would love  to continue bringing people with SCI on these adventures throughout 2018. Donate here

C2 Quadriplegic Bowls a Record Game

Kenny Salvini, a C2 quad, has become an insane bowler since his injury. Watch him get a near-strike, and break a personal record while he’s at it, here.

Australian Paraplegic to Climb Mt. Everest w/ Limited Assistance

Scott Doolan, a paraplegic from Australia, is set to become the first paraplegic with limited assistance to climb Mt. Everest. He and his fellow climbers are scheduled to begin/end the climb Feb-March 2018. Read more here

Rob Summers and Girlfriend Compete in NYC Marathon

Rob Summers, a 31 year old with paraplegia, was one of the first people in the world to undergo epidural stimulation! Read how he and his girlfriend Julie recently competed in the NYC Marathon on behalf of Team Reeve and SCI research. Read more

Adaptive Diving Changes One Paraplegic’s Perspective

Adaptive diving can be a huge perspective-changer as a person with paralysis. Many even report a brief increase in mobility after their dive. Elizabeth Forst, a quadriplegic, shares her experience diving her first time this past Spring when she went diving with Craig Hospital’s Rec Therapy Department in the Grand Cayman Islands (from the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation). Read here

SPINALpedia’s 2017 Fall Photo Contest

If you have a moment, please vote in SPINALpedia’s 2017 Fall Photo Contest. We are excited about the 5 entries this year. Each shows a full life is more than possible after a SCI. You can view the contest and vote here. If you like Facebook, you can also vote on our FB page here.

New Accessible Boardwalks at British Columbia Park

Looking for a place to enjoy the changing leaf colors in British Columbia that’s also wheelchair accessible? A new boardwalk has opened in Haida Gwaii! Parts of the islands in Haida Gwaii in Naikoon Provincial Park are now accessible to thanks to newly installed extended wooden boardwalks. A virtual hike is also available. Read more

Roll On/Bowl On in Northern California

An on-going adaptive bowling event put on by the SCI Active Network is gaining steam! It happens at various locations across Northern California throughout the year and they call it Roll On/Bowl On. You can learn more about this bowling meet-up, and when the next one will be, here.

Seated Surfboard Now Available in the UK

For those with severe spinal cord injuries, limited upper body movement prevents them from trying adaptive surfing. The usual method of laying on your stomach on the board doesn’t work, which is what spurred Ben from Surfability in the UK to create a seated surfboard, allowing anyone to feel the joys of riding the waves. As they say  in the UK, brilliant! Learn more

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