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Assistive Technology

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Assistive technology restores functional activity that otherwise would not be accessible. “As technology evolves, opportunity expands” in the disability world.

Technology is advancing faster than any other industry. A friend of mine who is a veteran of the wheelchair world was telling me that 10 years ago, life in a wheelchair was nothing like it is today. Staying on top of the most up-to-date assistive technology is difficult because it seems like a new product comes out every month.

Determined2heal aims to simplify this process through this section of the website. Below is a list of different devices and software that enhances everyday life as we know it.

Assistive Technology

Environmental Control Units
Automatic Door Openers
Residential Elevators / Stair Lifts
Bluetooth Cell Phones
School Accessories / Technology
Computer Technology (voice software, mouse, microphone)
Video Game Technology

What is an environmental control unit?

An environmental control unit is like having one universal household remote that can control all electronic devices in one’s house. Environmental control units are perfect for an individual who is a high level quadriplegic (C6 and above). Depending on your specific functional ability, there is a perfect environmental control unit for you.

Imperium 200H Features

  • Integrated telephone
  • Dual switch input
  • X-10 Control for door openers, thermostats, lights, fans
  • Infrared Control for most TVs, DVDs, Digitial Satellite systems and more
  • Back Up power for 6 hours
  • Visual and auditory menu commands
  • Easy to learn menu
  • Programmable Infrared keys
  • Nurse Call interface customized to work with most nurse call systems

Extend your access with MobileLink


  • Portable access
  • Multiple users in one environment
  • Extends functionality for 200H unit
  • Access your telephone from 250 feet away
  • Compatible with wheelchair ECU ports
  • Seamless and standard two way communication
  • 2.4 Gigahertz wireless radio link
  • Comes with boom headset
  • Configured to operate off 12 or 24 Volts
  • Two auxiliary jacks”
Relax 3 with Telephone“Tash technology delivers an exciting new option for simple and convenient telephone connections. Introducing The Tash Telephone, bring the benefits of infrared capabilities to switch controls. Combined with the Relax 3, The Tash Telephone offers an outstanding advance in easy access telephone use.

  • Scan through 10 preset telephone functions, answer, hang-up, directory, down, up, dial, 5 speed dials
  • Head set compatible

Features of the Relax 3

  • Programs with your regular remote control
  • Easy to follow, adjustable scan speed
  • Scanning modes: auto, (hold and step available, call for information to change prior to ordering if required)
  • Sleek, discreet and easy to mount
  • 10 X-10 function
  • 30 infrared functions (TV, VCR, DVD, CD, Satellite, Cassette Player or Stereo)
  • Single switch and Dual switch access
  • Auditory and Visual feedback”
Relax 3 with telephone and package“Package Includes Relax 3, Tash Telephone, X-10 Transceiver, two X-10 Modules and one single switch.

  • Please specify which two X-10 modules.
  • Please specify which single switch.
  • For mounting the Relax, see mounting section (components sold separately).”
Mini Relax

“Simple Remote Control by a Single Switch!

The Mini Relax is a scanning infrared transmitter that controls the TV, VCR, or any other device that operates using infrared. It will store up to six functions.

Complete with large and colorful graphics, it provides visual and auditory feedback and features two scan modes.

The Mini Relax mounts easily and includes batteries.

  • 6 trainable functions
  • Auditory & visual scanning
  • Auto scan or hold scan
  • Batteries included
  • Mounts easily”
Mini Relax Package Mini Relax Package with X-10 unit
Relax IIControls up to 4 infrared devices and 10 electrical appliances with a single switch. (#84168, X-10 Transceiver required to operate electrical appliances)

  • Scanning modes: auto, hold and step (factory set for auto, call for information to change, prior to ordering if required).
  • Auditory and visual feedback!
  • Sleek, discreet and easy to mount
  • Train with your regular remote control”
Relax II System Package

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Door Mate Sliding Patio Door Opener

Open Sesame System II“Our System II door opener will release and open a locked door, pause for entrance or exit, close automatically, and then return the door to its locked position. If you would like to extend the time the door is open, you can do so by pushing the remote control again. The door will stay open as long as you like. To close the door, simply push the remote once again.     For extra security, System II can work with an optional deadbolt function along with the normally included electric strike plate door latch release mechanism.”
Open Sesame System IV“This system includes an electric strike plate and one remote control similar to System II. The operator will “spring shut” automatically against manual opening of the door. When triggered by remote control, the door can be parked open and will stay in position indefinitely, even in a wind storm.” System IV
Open Sesame System V“Similar to System IV, but does not include an electric strike plate. Includes two wireless wall push pads. The operator will “spring shut” automatically against manual opening of the door. Normally sold with the “park open” feature disabled, but can be enabled by user.” System V

Push-Button and Key-Activated Door Switches

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Residential Elevators There are many different types of residential elevators. Depending on what type of residence you live in should determine which elevators is best for you. Shop around and get different price estimates from different contractors.

My Elevator

Home and Building Exterior Lifts

Stair Lifts

Sometimes the least expensive and most doable way of making an entire home accessible is by installing a lift system via the stairs.

Seat Stair Lifts

Wheelchair Stair Lifts

Infra-Link Elevator Control“Infra-Link’s new wireless remote control system uses infrared signals to enable physically disabled individuals to access the elevator, open the door, select the floor level and use the emergency call button.An Infra-Link infrared (IR) receiver can be installed on each floor to which the elevator is to be called. The IR receiver is placed above the elevator door. When the receiver is activated, the elevator is called and the automatic sliding doors are opened. If the elevator is already on the floor level, the doors are opened.
For control of the elevator, the normally-open relay functions are connected in parallel to the regular normally-open control switches of the elevator. The normally-closed switch is connected in series with the stop loop of the elevator. This means that via the Infra-Link system the elevator can be directed to optional floor levels. A channel is used for a distress signal. Elevators with a separate control function for opening of a side hung door require a designated channel for this function.”

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Ameriphone – Clarity Dialogue RC-200
Search the Internet for talking caller ID phones. My mom bought this phone for me right after my injury. It has a cool feature that verbally projects who’s calling. I like this feature because I can decide if I want to answer the phone or not.

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There are hundreds of Bluetooth cell phones and earpieces to choose from on the Internet. Search the Internet to find which one is right for you. I especially like my Bluetooth earpiece because of its big call button which makes it easier for me to hit with my hand.
Vocalize! Voice Controlled Bluetooth Cell Phone System Bluetooth cell phone on wheelchair hands-free

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GEWA Page Turner“Considered by most people who know, the GEWA Page Turner BLV-6 is the best in the world. Because it doesn’t attempt to do the impossible, this outstanding Swedish-designed page turner “really does work!”With the BLV-6, the user is in total step-by-step control of the turning process. Errors in turning, sticking pages, crumpled or mis-angled pages-all can be manipulated successfully by the user with the truly unique characteristics of the Page Turner.Whether you’re sitting up or lying down, pages can be turned forward and backward, one at a time or continuously (scanning a chapter or directory, for instance). The only assistance required is to insert the document to be read, position the operating control for the user, and occasionally clean the turning mechanism. Used for social, business, and educational reading, the unit works with books, magazines, catalogs, brochures, incoming mail, etc. It can be operated with a variety of multiple-switch assemblies or optionally with a visual scanner and any single switch. And, it can be run by most environmental control units.”
Portable Versa Table Ideal for wheelchair, graduated table or bedside use.”
Reading Tray for Wheelchair
Bedside table

Over bed table with LCD screen.
My state vocational program built this for me for my school work.
Book Holder Stand“Reading materials can be quickly strapped to the stand and stay secure in all positions. The page holders’ spring action and soft rubber ends make turning pages a snap, even with one hand. The telescoping stand adjusts in height from 58-37″. The stand tilts around the horizontal axis and moves closer or further away to allow users to position reading materials directly in their line of vision. Users can swing materials out of the way when finished reading. Sturdy cast iron case is 13″ x 13″ with injection molded cover. Latex free.” Book Holder Stand
Clamp and Mouthsticks“The 5/8″ diameter non-scratch plastic disc attaches firmly to lap tray, desk or table. 14″ flexible tube forms to any position. Holds 3 mouth sticks (not included). Latex free.” Clamp-On Docking Station

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Great Adaptive Technology Web Site Quad Control is a website that has everything one could possibly need in the way of controls. This includes adapted bed controls, multi-function universal remotes, and of course, the latest in adapted video game controllers. They even have a PS2 controller you can operate with your mouth! They also have controllers with bigger buttons and joysticks that work with any console. (They probably work best with newer models). Sip/Puff Configurations Switch
Accessible Videogame Controllers This site has a variety of different modifications for different video game systems. They even have an adaptive game boy advanced controller. This is definitely an impressive site, and you will be probably blown away by the technology and the number of options that are available to you.
Adapter Technology Guide for Gamers This link will open a pdf document that is basically a guide to all the accessible adapted technology available to gamers. It even lists the prices of the different devices. It also provides pictures and walk throughs of each piece of equipment. This is definitely a good starting point in the search for adaptive video game equipment.

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