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This section of the website provides different accessible sports via wheelchair. Determined2Heal feels that the sports below can provide a fun yet powerful experience. More importantly, these sports provide many physical and mental benefits. Exercising the body also exercises the mind.

Wheelchair Sports




Ice Hockey
Water Sports

More Wheelchair Sports/Activities/Recreation

Wheelchair Sports

Wheelchair Baseball This site explains the rules and regulations of for push and power chair baseball. It also gives background on the sport, if you’re looking to get back on the diamond this is the site you.

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Skiing and Snowboarding Enthusiasts This site discusses the various services available to disabled ski and snow boarding enthusiasts. They provide both instruction and equipment. I strongly suggest that before you hit the slopes, you give this website a visit.

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Disabled Swimming USA This link will take you to the USA swimming disability section. Here you will find everything from records set by the top athletes to local competitions that are starting. This is a must see for any disabled swimmer or swimming junkie.
Disabled swimming This site contains the links to various sites with information on disabled swimming. Whether its biographies that you’re into, or you’re interested in competing in a disabled swimming event, start your search at this site.
Disabled Swimming This site is dedicated to the shin fin, which is basically a pair of flippers that attach to your legs and allow for a more powerful kick in the water. This site also lists the advantages the shin fin poses for people with disabilities. For anybody who is interested in new aquatic technology, this is the place to go.

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Hand Cycling This link will take you to a site where a guy named Chris will talk about what adaptations are needed to allow quads like him to go hand-cycling. On the home page, you will also be able to click on sections, which talk about Chris’s involvement in wheelchair rugby, and almost every other quadriplegic sport out there!
Spokes in Motion This link will take you to spokesnmotion.com. This is basically an equipment oasis. They’ve got everything from adapted water-skis to hand powered racing bikes. If you’re disabled, they’ve got everything you need to get active.

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This site specializes in handicapped accessible golf carts. If you want to get out on the golf course quickly, this is definitely the place to visit. (Especially if you need hand controls).

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Wheelchair Sports This site is a great resource for almost any wheelchair sport you can imagine. It’s got information on wheelchair rugby. adaptive sledding, and many other activities you never thought were possible to perform in a wheelchair.

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Quadriplegic Rugby This site will tell you everything you want to know about this take-no-prisoners contact sport. It also has info about the incredible documentary, “Murderball.”

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Wheelchair Sports This link takes you to a site that details what methods of adapting summer sports activities are available. These include, kayaking, white water rafting, and even water skiing. This is probably the most comprehensive site pertaining to adapted summer sports I have ever seen. If your looking to have fun on your next summer vacation, make sure you visit this site first.
Water Sports for the Disabled This link will take you to a site that has information photos and links to all things having to do with disabled water sports. If you are into this type of thing, you should definitely check this out.
Wheelchair Boating This site provides information about disabled boating. It has self steering boats with lifts to board handicap passengers. If you’re looking to go boating anytime soon, you should definitely check this site out.

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Wheelchair Basketball This link will take you to a page where there are links to all the professional wheelchair basketball teams in the country. If you are a fan of wheelchair basketball, this is your ticket to all the action.

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Wheelchair Tennis

This link will take you directly to the official USTA wheelchair tennis site; it includes a list of helpful links that direct you to tournement schedules and other helpful directions.

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