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Inpatient Rehabilitation

Inpatient rehabilitation is one of the most important times in a newly injured person’s life. During inpatient rehabilitation one learns how to take care of their new body.

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Determined2Heal Tips:

  • Bring a video camera to your physical therapy visits so that you can develop your own personal home video therapy program

  • Learn as much he possibly can about your specific condition

  • Focus on trying to move different parts of your body. This is known as cognitive biofeedback. To learn more about the importance of cognitive biofeedback, click here

Remember to ask your physical therapist to focus on the whole body rather than focusing on just functional activity. Most spinal cord injuries only affect one vertebrae disrupting the communication above and below one’s level of injury.

The injured area creates a wall that does not allow the two sides to communicate.┬áIt’s like above the level of the spinal cord injury, everything is speaking English, but below the level of the spinal cord injury, everything is speaking Spanish.

The only way one’s body can reeducate the injured area is to exercise both above and below the injured region. Exercise acts as a translator and keeps the body in an optimal condition.

To learn more about the best inpatient rehabilitation facilities in the country, click here

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