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Aqua Therapy

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Water creates a unique gravity-eliminated world that is favorable for an individual affected by a spinal cord injury. When it comes to moving very weak muscles, aqua therapy creates an ideal environment that allows an individual to actively exercise.

Aqua therapy should only be attempted with a trained professional. Specific chemicals and water temperatures must be calibrated in order for an individual with a spinal cord injury to enter an aquatic therapy pool. Both a quadriplegic and paraplegic should have at least two trained therapists in the water during a therapy session.

Aquatic Head Float The Aquatic Head Float freely supports the head for those with limited mobility without pressure on the spinal column. The head float with the stabilizer bar helps keep the body from tipping backwards or sideways when legs are horizontal. “Foam. The Aquatic Head float is latex free; the Head Float with Stabilizer Bar contains latex.” Aquatic Head Float.  Aquatic Head Float
Aqua Float I’ve never used this but it caught my attention. For people that can walk or have some leg movement this product may help. “Designed for children and adults who can support themselves in an upright position in water but require assistance with walking. Aqua Floats are constructed out of durable polyethylene foam support floats and fast-drying mesh material. Lightweight with oversized, easy-grip handrails, the Aqua Float is rustproof and latex free. “ Aqua Float
AquaFins Exercise Kit  I use the Aquafins on my wrists while swimming on my back. It gives me a great exercise because of the resistance it creates. “AquaFins cuffs can be used on the wrists or ankles to provide impact-free resistance for body conditioning and therapeutic applications in the water. Cuffs can be rotated to change the direction of the fins in order to provide resistance in different plan “ AquaFins<sup>TM</sup> Exercise Kit
Aqua Power Ankle and Wrist Weights Using weights in the water works similarly to the Aquafins. It gives me a great exercise because of the resistance it creates. As I explained above, water creates a gravity eliminated world, the weights provide a minimal amount of gravity because they try to sink to the bottom.A 5 pound weight in the water, feels like a 2 pound weight out of the water. “Exclusive design keeps weights away from ankles and wrists for full freedom of movement, yet conforms to natural contours. Great for progressive-resistive exercise, as Neoprene retains minimal water.” Aqua Power<sup>TM</sup> Swim Ankle and Wrist Weights
Aqua Belt  For safety purposes, the Aqua Belt is essential. It also works with your therapy session when floating on your back or stomach. “Adjustable belt of buoyant, contoured foam provides comfortable support during water exercise.Nylon belt with quick-release buckle allows clients to adjust for a snug fit and remove easily. One size fits most adults. Belt length 58″, pad is 28″L x 10″H. Latex free.” TheraBand<sup>TM</sup> Aqua Belt
Kickboard  Kick boards are perfect for paraplegics or anybody that can hold on to the board. They are used for swimming purposes and floating purposes. One hand on the board can give you the support needed to focus on using your other hand for swimming.”Constructed of rigid foam, this kickboard is angled in the front and square in the back and has a sure-grip textured surface on the top and bottom. Can be used to support the upper body during swim training, to increase upper extremity and trunk strength and to improve balance. Available in red or blue.” TheraBand<sup>TM</sup> Kickboards

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