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There are many benefits from standing:

  • Standing strengthens one’s bone density through weight-bearing, which decreases the chances of broken bones.

  • Standing increases an individual’s blood circulation because the heart needs to pump faster in order for circulation to get to the brain.

  • Standing while gliding provides powerful neurological signals to help reeducate and decrease atrophy of one’s spinal cord

  • Standing provides great stretches for the posterior Tibialas (calf muscles), hamstrings, quadriceps, gluteals, abdominal muscles, and hip flexors.

Bone Density Studies from PubMed click here

The Easystand 6000 Glider standing frame safely positions your body to stand in an upright position. Standing is crucial to keeping your bones strong. By bearing weight through your legs it strengthens the bones. It also helps to improve circulation. I recommend the glider function because while standing, you can also move your legs to simulate walking and increase range of motion. Grasping Cuff with Wrist Support. The grasping cuff is a perfect accessory that creates a grip for people who otherwise cannot grip at 100%. I use the grasping cuff when I’m in the standing frame. It allows me to grip the elliptical glider part of the standing frame so I can move my legs. Easystand 6000 Glider – video Paraplegic Easystand 6000 videos
As an athlete, I understand how important it is to watch yourself work out in a mirror to make sure that your form is good and that you are performing the exercise properly. A mirror provides great biofeedback which is essential when reeducating the spinal cord. This mirror in the following link is on wheels and has a pegboard on the back to hold weights or other exercise supplies. It’s a space saver.

I used the Guldmann Track System for the first time at Kennedy Krieger and I was amazed at it’s flexibly and space saving features. It is actually installed on the ceiling and can lift up to 550 lbs. There are bathing slings, transfer slings, and walking slings. It is a major part of my life. I have this product in two different rooms: my bedroom and rehab center. I use it to get from bed to wheelchair and then to get to any piece of equipment in my rehab gym.

The people who installed it were really professional and knowledgeable about living with disabilities. They delivered the product right on schedule and were able to install two rooms in one day. They also know how to get insurance or state funds to help pay for it.

I do not know what I’d do without this product

An abdominal binder is used for those that have low blood pressure. When I was first injured, I wore it all day long. If I didn’t I would feel dizzy. Now I only use it when I get into the standing frame.
Easystand 5000 This is a great standing frame but it lacks the ability to glide. The elliptical glider function transforms the old style of stationary standing frames to functional standing frames. EasyStand<sup>TM</sup> 5000 Standing Table
Easystand Evolv The Easystand Evolv has taken over for the discontinued Easystand 6000. The Easystand Evolv has many updated features that make it into an affective user-friendly standing frame. The new wheel system allows for easy maneuverability of the machine. The knee pads pop up and allow for easier transferring. The glide function provides a great upper body workout and stretches the lower extremities. EasyStand® Evolv
Economy Stand-in Table“Promotes vertical weight bearing activities and upright posture. Laminate top measures 30″ x 30″ with 15″W x 12″D cutout. Fixed table height is 45″ with a 10″ vertical range adjustable platform. Hinged door with latch secures patient safely in table. Includes an adjustable height padded knee rest. Inside table space measures 16″W x 14″D.” Economy Stand-In-Table
Lokomat The Lokomat is a motor driven exoskeleton device that mimics walking, with the support of a harness the body is suspended over a treadmill. Click Here to Watch a Video

Standing Wheelchairs


Lifestand Compact


reaching a tall cabinet using standing option

Levo Combi

Lifestand Lite LS

Other manual standing frames

click here

Standing Power Wheelchair Reviews by Mark Felling Balder Finesse Levo Combi Permobil Chairman 2K Stander Lifestand Compact LSC FENA Design’ s Vertran

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