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Range of Motion

Range of motion, also known as stretching, is a very important part of a daily routine. Range of motion allows different body parts to passively function normally.

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Determined2heal Tips:

  • Stretch two times a day:
    • Once before getting in wheelchair
    • Once after getting in bed
  • Check with your physical and occupational therapist to develop a stretching program
  • While at inpatient or outpatient rehabilitation facility, videotape the range of motion program
  • Before training a caregiver how to stretch, have someone stretch the caregiver with the exact same range of motion, this will help the caregiver learn the stretching technique and the amount of pressure to apply with each stretch

Active Isolated Stretching – The Mattes Method

This is a great stretching guide. Most of the pictures in this guide provide a picture with a person stretching another person. This is perfect for someone with a spinal cord injury because stretches usually have to be done by an aide.

cover of stretching book.

“The Mattes Method contains over 700 color photos. A stretching book teaching the proper mechanics of stretching. Specific isolated methods of stretching muscles and facia. Section on how to perform on your own. Large section on how to assist specifically.”

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