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Lift Systems

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I don’t know what I would do without lift systems in my house. For one thing my dad’s back would definitely have been strained by now from manual transfers. Secondly, it makes transfers much easier and comfortable for me. And thirdly, one person can operate them with ease without the help from another.

How do you choose the right lift system?

The best lift system for an individual is based upon ones lifestyle and body size. An individual’s lifestyle is determined upon a person’s injury level and daily activities.

Factors when deciding the right lift system:

  • What is your injury level?

  • What is your functional ability?

  • How tall are you?

  • How much do you weigh?

  • How many people help with transferring you?

  • What specific daily activities can be improved by using a lift systems?

  • What is better a wall lift system or a portable lift system?

How do you choose the right sling?

  • Depends on which lift system you are using (The companies typically make each lift system specific to their own brand name sling. This unfortunately means you’re typically stuck with having to purchase the sling from the lift system, which they usually jack up the price for.)
  • There are a variety of slings. When it comes to heavier individuals like myself, I like a sling that is stiffer. Typically the fabric slings are stiffer and the mesh slings are softer.

  • The proper size depends on your body type

    • Height

    • Weight

I used the Guldmann Track System for the first time at Kennedy Krieger and I was amazed at it’s flexibly and space saving features. It is actually installed on the ceiling and can lift up to 550 lbs. There are bathing slings, transfer slings, and walking slings. It is a major part of my life. I have this product in two different rooms: my bedroom and rehab center. I use it to get from bed to wheelchair and then to get to any piece of equipment in my rehab gym.

The people who installed it were really professional and knowledgeable about living with disabilities. They delivered the product right on schedule and were able to install two rooms in one day. They also know how to get insurance or state funds to help pay for it.

I do not know what I’d do without this product


Hoya Lifts

Hoya lifts save wear and tear on your caregiver. It is machine that lifts you in a sling and can move you from wheelchair to exercise equipment or to bed or vice versa. It is easy to use and covered by most insurance plans. Apparently, most accidents in the home occur during bed to chair transfers, lift systems can solve this problem.

The Invacare Reliant Battery Powered Lift is portable and easy to move around. It is large; however, so you have to be sure you have space for it. Upgraded versions, have scales built-in to keep track of your weight.

Electronic Hoyer Lift

“Easy to transport and store. Does not need tools or special attachments to be folded into compact position. The unique tapered leg design allows lift to get even closer to the widest of obstacles. This is especially useful when encountering large chairs, bulky commodes, and wheelchairs. ThoughHoyer┬« Advance┬« compact, the Advance is able to perform myriad transfers-from the floor onto a bed and much more. The oversized handle provides a large surface area, while triangular folded design ensures the lift stands unaided and secure while not in use. Weight capacity 340 lbs. Powered by one 24-volt rechargeable battery (included). UL and CSA certified battery charger is also included.”


This picture is not to scale. I learned this the hard way. I ordered this Hoyer lift and when it came to the house in its folded position, just like the picture, it was almost as tall as I was sitting in my power wheelchair. I think this product is good if you have a lot of car space when traveling, but for traveling on an airplane, I do not recommend this product.
Travel Mo-Lift

The smallest and lightest travel lift system out on the market. It also comes with its own carrying case. If you travel a lot on airplanes or in the car, this is the product for you.


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